Neighborhood front porches are filled with beautifully decorated Christmas scenes starting the day after Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day. Then, what?

Don’t let the cold, winter months after Christmas intimidate you. If you’re searching for ways to keep your front porch festive and alive after the holidays, we’ve got a few tips and tricks from two area design experts.

Chris Clemens, co-owner of C.J. Gift Company in Leavenworth, Kansas, said it’s all a matter of using some color and texture.

An old chair or stoneware pottery can add something special to your space. Use what you love. Usually, if you like it, she said, you can’t go wrong and it looks great.

Greenery, even with a red berry, still is appropriate in the winter months, along with pine cones and snowflake decor. Her biggest tip is to display a welcome sign year-round, whether it’s on a mat, a small sign or a wreath.

She suggests adding an antique sled decorated with greenery to your porch, which can be appropriate all winter, even after the Christmas holiday. Rustic jingle bells could add a nice touch as well.

Jamie Withrow, the owner of Jamie’s Secret Garden in St. Joseph, suggests incorporating evergreens into your front porch decor.

The green color adds a “life” and “texture” during the cold, blustery months when plants aren’t growing. You might also use Christmas ribbon to accent your house. Black-and-red plaid is very popular right now, she said.

“Ribbon adds movement (like flags blowing in the wind)” and catches the eye, she said.

Use contrast on your front door. If you have a black door, use a light-colored prop to make it pop. If you have a white door, use something black.

Red, orange and yellow are known as “fire colors,” she said, and you want to incorporate attention-getting colors. She suggests even using a heart wreath on your front door since Valentine’s Day is coming up next.

Using artificial topiary is another one of her tips. Evergreens include holly, pine, cedar or boxwood.

Lanterns work well for illuminating a porch during those dark winter months, especially after Christmas lights are all taken down. Artificial candles can be programmed to turn on. Place them by the front door or steps.

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