Who knew that our grandmothers were right? Heavy floral prints, patterned wallpaper and kitschy decor is growing in popularity.

While many might cringe at the term “granny chic”, there’s no doubt it has become a welcome addition to the world of home decor.

“As a designer, I love mixing vintage treasures in with new furnishings,” said Diedra Lee, owner of Every Last Detail. “It makes your space interesting and unique. Your home should be a collection of things you love.”

Lee said she enjoys seeking out one-of-a-kind pieces and mixing them in with new trendy things.

For example, use a modern, streamlined bench under an ornate console or desk or a Louis XIV-inspired mirror in an ultra-modern room. Another great idea would be to pair a rustic dining table with sleek, aluminum chairs for contrast or to reupholster an antique chair with modern fabric in a trendy pattern or bright color.

“I love that young people are taking an interest in the vintage-style furnishings,” Lee said. “You are seeing them pop up in people’s homes, as well as boutiques, wedding venues and so on. Velvet has made such a huge comeback, and these pieces definitely bring character to the space.”

Lee loves to track down vintage-style furniture. It’s like a modern-day scavenger hunt. She said it’s rare to find someone with the same piece.

If hunting down home decor treasures isn’t your thing, local interior design shops like Nesting Goods and Jamie’s Secret Garden have options in addition to national chains like Anthropologie and Wayfair, which Lee said are making reproductions of many classic pieces.

The granny chic trend extends past home furnishings, too. According to the e-commerce site Etsy, there has been a surge in searches for vintage and vintage-inspired pieces, particularly heirloom-type jewelry. In the last six months, searches for women’s brooches increased by 48%, chains for glasses by 39% and lockets by 14%.

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