Businesses are looking forward to a busy wedding season, but 2020 definitely made an impression.

“We’re seeing that people are scaling back a bit,” said Stacy Fisher, store and creative director at Garden Gate Flowers in St. Joseph. “But scaling back doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous. Maybe fewer people are coming to their wedding so they’re focusing on key focal points.”

In this case, flowers.

With many couples opting for live streaming their nuptials, Fisher said huge floral backdrops at the altar have become popular. Other installation pieces like octogon-shaped arches are options.

There’s more concentration on centerpieces, too.

“Going from 300 to 50 (guests), you really want to make an impact for those 50 people that are there,” Fisher said.

From color schemes to textures, couples are choosing natural and whimsical to bright and fun, and everything in between. Based on what current brides are asking of the staff at Garden Gate, and what other florists across the nation are noting, Fisher said the industry will continue to see Bohemian weddings in 2021.

“It’s something that’s really near and dear to people’s hearts, is natural,” she said.

Grasses and unusual types of plants like dried flowers, tumbleweeds and ethereal-type plants will be showcased in centerpieces, altar decor and bouquets. Fisher said she saw this with Christmas designs, too. The lack of color has a very ‘70s vibe, she added.

“2020 was a resetting to all of our clocks and what’s important to us,” Fisher said. “I feel like we’ve been cooped up so much, it’s a return to nature, it’s natural. You’re going to see it a lot in 2021. Maybe a little less concentration on the material and more on what’s in the world around us.”

While the Bohemian vibe offers loose and flowy details, many couples are opting for traditional and even modern touches with straight lines and tighter floral arrangements. Fisher attributes that to the other side effect of 2020 — people wanting positivity, brightness and cheerfulness. One of Pantone’s colors of the year happens to be “Illuminating,” a vibrant yellow.

“You’re going to see it pop up in clothing, home decor and even flowers,” Fisher said. “There’s also the return of the rose this year, specifially the garden rose, because of all the types of colors you can get with that rose.”

Both styles offer trendy and modern as well as a throwback to nostalgia of traditional weddings. Fisher said besides roses, the industry is seeing an increase in orchids. Bright blue delphinium, bright yellows and bright pinks also are incorporated for more trendy types of arrangements, she said.

“We’re very excited to get back into the swing of things as weddings are concerned, with last year,” Fisher said. “It was a different animal. We’re hoping weddings will get going again. We’re really optimistic about that.”