Chloe Jordans knew she wanted a Bohemian-themed wedding since the day her fiance proposed.

“We are both very eclectic people who enjoy unique styles, textures and atmosphere,” Jordans said.

She said wedding planning felt more like thrift shopping as her mother and close friends ventured to flea markets all over the Midwest.

“It was so much fun and was an added experience to the wedding process,” Jordans said. “It was like we were on a scavenger hunt to find the different elements we knew we wanted a part of our big day.”

To some, Bohemian style can seem lazy or hodgepodge, but the true essence is simply relaxed and very intentional.

Bohemian weddings embrace a soft, romantic feel that is ultimately inspired by nature. It’s like taking a fairy garden or an enchanted forest and exchanging vows there. It includes pastels and greenery among a variety of textures within ropes, woods and rugs.

Jordans wanted a layered carpet look at the base of her altar that was made of intertwined vines and branches. She found three different Persian rugs of varying patterns to stagger atop each other. She coupled this with a couple of dreamcatchers and scattered ribbons throughout the altar and guest seating area, which was surrounded by trees at her family’s home.

The theme continued into the reception area, which was also outdoors. Flowy fabrics and lace were used to cover plain, rented tables and chairs. Jordans and her family made centerpieces that incorporated ribbon, candles and gemstones in amethyst, turquoise and jade. The bride replicated the space in her gown, which was a light blush color with a gorgeous amethyst necklace and earring set. But keeping true to her Bohemian theme, Jordans wore her hair down in loose flowy locks.

“I wanted everyone to be comfortable, so my girls wore whatever dress they wanted as long as it was light teal, gray or blush and looked great barefoot,” she laughed. “My husband chose to wear suspenders with comfy dress pants in light blue and a patterned shirt. Being his goofy self, he also had patterned suspenders. His guys wanted to dress just like him. It was so much fun.”

The couple wanted everyone to feel relaxed and enjoy themselves so they had an array of finger foods set out at each table. They said this not only helped with COVID-19 concerns but was unique and different.

“It was kind of like having little buffets at each table,” Jordans said.

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