Halloween and fall provide endless ideas for home decor. But how do you choose between the two? Some choose to gruesome during the entire month of October. From spider webs and blood to ghosts and ghouls. Others opt for an array or orange, brown and purple pumpkins, leaves and wicker ornaments.

There's a way to do both. Helen Campbell suggests using traditionally scary items and making them whimsical. The local interior designer loves placing crows around her home in addition to ornate black goblets and crystal while using spider webs, skulls and white pumpkins to accent her space.

"It's all about marrying objects with a color scheme," she says. "Items like skulls, pumpkins and crows automatically speak to traditionally scary but when you join them with beautiful home decor staples, well, it becomes something else."

Campbell adds that throwing inexpensive painter's drop cloths over unused furniture can add a touch of spooky elegance to any home. Even adding simple touches like black boas and gold-painted skulls can upscale any traditional Halloween pieces.

For example, she says she uses the black boas as garland on her fireplace mantle and on tables in between her decor. She purchased skulls from the local dollar stores and spray painted them a glossy gold and chrome to place throughout different rooms. She even made a wreath of the ornate skulls for her front door.