Don't be in the dark when looking for a new lamp. While it may not seem like rocket science, finding the right lamp for your space can be more difficult than you think.

First you need to ask yourself three basic questions: Does the lamp need to be the main light source in the room? Will the lamp be on display to guests? How big is the space I need to fill?

If there are no overhead lights in the room, use floor lamps to provide the overall light needed for the space. Bedside and side table lamps should be smaller so as to not overwhelm the table top. And look for colors that complement the walls and linens in the room. Lamp colors should be an excuse to add accent color.

Lamps can be a work of art. If your lamp will be put out on display, don't hold back. There are hundreds of lamps with beautiful shapes, colors and textures. When adding them to furniture pieces, like a sideboard in the dining room, work in pairs, placing a lamp on either side of the piece. This can not only add more lighting to your room but balance the scale for a well-rounded design piece.