Carol Ebersold looks forward to every season.

And by every season, she means any slight change in life from holidays and events to seasons.

The St. Joseph woman spends nearly a week transitioning each of her three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room and porches into a decorator’s paradise.

“We entertain a lot and I think the fact that my house is always themed has become kind of a highlight for guests,” Ebersold said. “I don’t go overboard and gaudy. I just like to play up whatever is going on.”

She says she got started when her children were little. As young parents in the 1970s, Ebersold said she would buy discounted décor after the season was over. Little by little, she accumulated dish towels, doormats, figurines and flowers for everything from the Fourth of July and Easter to Halloween and Christmas. Since her children are grown and she has the space, she’s increased her collection to themes like flamingos, lemons and rustic.

Ebersold keeps her collections organized in larger tubs clearly labeled. She drags the tubs to a central location in her two-story home. Each bedroom has its own themed comforter and pillows. Each bathroom has its own shower curtain and matching counter and wall décor. The living room offers unique pillows, throws, color-coordinated candles and figurines. The dining room and kitchen are given themed bowls, baskets, flowers and table runners.

“It seems like a week is a long time to decorate, but it goes by fast since I just do a little bit each day,” she said. “A majority of my time is spent laundering the linens, to be honest.”

Ebersold occasionally will add to her collections, but she likes that many of her pieces are timeless. However, she admits it’s hard to resist a new wreath or décor marked down to less than $10.