The front door to a home is easily its most important feature. Not only can it help ward off intruders, but it also serves as the greeting point to guests entering the home. Quality and design protect against break-ins and inclement weather while aesthetics set the tone for the interior décor.

That’s a lot of pressure to put on a slab.

The fall is a great time of year to get a new front door. The weather is agreeable, and an update will beat the upcoming cold winter months.

When choosing a new front door, keep in mind this is one of the most utilized assets of a home and will be seen regularly. Choose wisely.

Some tips to remember:

— Solid wood offers superior durability and solid insulation. This option comes with vast options as far as style and color, not to mention the ability to be custom fitted. The only downside is maintenance. Once installed, the wood will need to be sealed properly to avoid moisture penetrating it. This crucial step will need to be repeated every few years or so.

— Steel doors are affordable and secure. While they do add a little bit to a home’s resale value, they can be difficult to paint, could rust and absorb both the heat and cold, which means lower energy efficiency.

— Fiberglass doors aren’t as durable as steel, but they do have a long life. They have many other perks, too, including higher energy efficiency and being easy to clean and paintable.

— Composite doors, which use glass reinforced plastic, are durable and have the natural look of real wood without the price tag. They are tough with a long lifespan.