Who wouldn’t want a “bonus” room?

Some call them sunrooms, all-season porches, patio enclosures, conservatories and a slew of other names. The difference between them is when they are used. Most enclosed porches or rooms are used three of the four seasons in the Midwest. A fully enclosed room, however, would be defined as a four-season porch, obviously.

Three-season porches are used typically in the spring, summer and fall months. They provide a more luxurious way to enjoy the great outdoors without the pesky bugs. These spaces are often added to an already established deck or patio and separated from the rest of the home. Because they are heated and cooled separately, they are not insulated. A basic layout would include an attractive screen from top to bottom and a solid roof.

The four-season room is a bit more involved and costly. These spaces are typically insulated and include large windows and actual walls and floor. They are integrated into the rest of the living space through HVAC and doorways.