Medical spa memberships help make treating ourselves easier and are rising in popularity.

At Reveal Wellness and Med Spa in St. Joseph, memberships allow people to budget money each month to achieve their beauty goals. In addition to discounts, each membership includes a free monthly service that others would have to pay for out of pocket.

Membership programs provide clients with savings on services beyond what they would experience as a regular patient, according to the American Med Spa Association.

“Many people feel it is easier to spend $100 a month, for example, rather than coming up with $300 every three months,” said Sonya Roe, a board-certified family nurse practitioner and owner of Reveal.

Reveal’s membership is a six-month commitment and auto-renews monthly after the first six months until the client chooses to cancel. Roe’s clients use their memberships for facials, massages, chemical peels, dermal fillers and laser hair removal, to name a few.

So, how do you know if a spa membership is worth it? According to, it all depends on how often you go to the spa, the number and type of treatments you currently enjoy and how much you want to prioritize self-care. If you book self-care appointments around two to three times a year, a spa membership may not provide much benefit.

However, just like a gym membership, generally, if money is coming out of your bank account each month, the more likely you are going to use it. Other benefits, according to, include:

• Prevention — Avoiding problems before they start, such as fine lines or acne flare-ups.

• Maintenance — Treatments typically build off each other, so a monthly massage, for example, can keep stress and tightness at bay rather than having it build up over a longer period and making you more uncomfortable.

• A provider who knows you — Just like a good stylist, having a familiar relationship with a spa provider who “knows” your skin, body, etc., can help you look and feel your best. She or he will guide you to products best suited to your needs, which many spas will provide at a discount to members.

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