You’ve been envious of your best friend’s red highlights for weeks, but you’re not brave enough to try it on your own hair. Consider this your sign to go for it, because multicolor hair is in.

“Blues, purples and varying hues of red are popular right now with all age groups,” said Brittany Smith, a stylist at Bliss Salon. “Especially muted tones and pastels.”

Smith said more people are experimenting with fun colors since businesses are becoming more relaxed about “natural hair colors.”

Another popular color she’s worked with lately is green.

“Various shades, from emerald to neon,” she said. “I’ve noticed parents being open to letting their children play and express themselves with temporary hair color.”

Several brands are gentle and vegan, Smith said, and won’t alter the structure of the natural hair, which is a great selling point for parents.

“If the hair is too dark and they want the bright colors, it needs to be lightened first,” Smith said. “Right now, the biggest hair trend is a natural, ‘lived in,’ effortless look.”

Color melts and shadow root colors add much-needed dimension while ensuring the fade-out is seamless, she said. This particular trend is hot right now with teens and, honestly, women of all ages.

“What I like to see is someone taking this soft and natural color placement and making it their own with their color choices, from natural tones to pastels, to loud and vibrant colors that can fade out to pastels.”

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