It’s no secret that too much sugar can contribute to complications like cavities, tooth decay, Type 2 diabetes, and malnutrition. But most of us crave it, love it and feel like we can’t live without it.

We might all benefit from less sugar in our lives, but being surrounded by sweet treats during the holidays makes it tough to avoid. We see advertisements and commercials for every kind of delicious, sugary concoction. Luckily, there are simple ways to start reducing your sugar intake without missing out completely.

Start by replacing that bowl of cane sugar in your kitchen with alternatives like


raw honey

agave nectar

monk fruit




brown rice syrup

or even


(Xylitol is toxic to

pets, so make sure to

keep this out of reach.)

If you’re about to embark on a baking marathon, reach for one of the alternative sugar options instead of the real thing. You can still use most of the same ingredients for your festive treats, and chances are, you won’t even miss the actual sugar. Trial and error will determine which alternatives work best for each recipe, or which ones you prefer the taste of.

Once you get into the habit of not using sugar, your body will crave it less and you’ll find it’s easier to eliminate carbonated drinks, sugary lattes, sweet tea, syrupy pancakes, etc.

If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of eliminating sugar altogether, start small. Order a sugar-free iced latte at your local coffee shop. Buy raw honey instead of syrup. Add Stevia instead of sugar to your next batch of cookies. The next time you eat out at a restaurant, read the menu carefully and check food descriptions for simple sugars. Talk to the waiter, waitress or even the cooks.

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