Tomato season is here and that means plenty of options to use homegrown items in the kitchen this summer.

Barbara Bramblett, who grows a variety of tomatoes from cherry to whoppers and manages Mallow Farm, LLC shares some of her favorite tomato-based dishes.

“The perfect thing to use a tomato for is a BLT. Second best thing is a tomato, mozzarella, basil, balsamic vinagrette, a caprsese salad. That’s something we have here very often at the farm,” Bramblett said.

Another way to use tomatoes from your garden is creating your own marinara or pasta sauce for cooking.

“We’re growing San Marzano tomatoes right now, which is an Italian paste tomato, so we’re going to try and make some tomato sauce. You need lots of basil, but it’s those two ingredients,” Bramblett said.

Tomatoes also can be easily incorporated in salads, especially cherry tomatoes.

“Cherry tomatoes are a little sweet, but they can be put in really any salad and there’s no prep time. The cherry tomato is a variety of nectar cherry. It’s very, very sweet and very nice size,” Bramblett.

A classic whopper tomato can be eaten alone or used on any summer sandwich.

“I think the whopper’s my all-around favorite. It’s great on a cheeseburger and is perfect for the summer. It’s great on a BLT or grilled cheese, and it makes a very pretty, impressive salad or tomato salad,” Bramblett said.

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