As for bridesmaid’s dresses, eclectic, soft and elegant is all the rage.

Mindy Stratton said she absolutely loved dress shopping with her sister and fellow bridesmaids.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect because I always hear horror stories of trying to find dresses,” Stratton said.

Any time you get multiple opinions, styles, sizes and budgets involved, well, it can be chaotic.

Stratton says that when her bride gave instructions for their dresses, it was simple. She wanted long and flowy gowns in a pastel palette of blush, periwinkle and yellow. Each of the seven bridesmaids got to pick which style of dress they preferred and their favorite color. It was a win-win, Stratton said.

The mismatched bridesmaid theme has grown in popularity over the years and brides -- and bridesmaids -- are having fun with it. 

Some brides are opting for their attendants to be in similar dresses but all in different shades of one color. For example, if the wedding colors are blue and gray, the dresses would be in varying shades of blue, from navy to powder . You could even opt to have your maid of honor, or matron of honor, in a patterned dress of that same color family.

Others are taking attire to a whole new level and doing the mismatched thing. This is where bridesmaids wear completely different dresses but there is a cohesive vibe between them. Think jewel tones.

If you want a more controlled approach, there are options to keep it uniform and unique. Here are a few suggestions:

-- Select a style of dress and a few color choices.

-- Select a couple different styles of dresses (because each girl will have a different body type) but select the one color.