Fashion trends from 2019 should gain a stronghold in the Midwest in 2020. Some styles, however, take time to grow in popularity here, enough to saturate the market.

In jeans, it’s going to be high-waisted, button-up, bell-bottom, boot-cut and wide-leg. Distressed jeans should stick around for a while, but there will be more of a focus on the cut and waistline.

Speaking of cuts, cropped shirts and sweaters are becoming more mainstream. If you don’t want to show your stomach, no worries. A majority of the cropped tops are fairly modest. Still not to your liking? Simply layer with a complimentary colored tank underneath.

Also look for combat boots and everything vintage. All of our favorites! The best part is they can all become finds at local secondhand or vintage stores. If you can’t find that favorite tee, outfit or your size, many brands are recreating the pieces as new in retail shops.