Figuring out which colors look best on blondes, brunettes and redheads doesn't have to be tricky. Here's a guide to understanding your tone and which outfits will look great on you.


Hair color: dark brown to dark blonde hair

Skin tone: greenish or yellowish undertone

Warm color family: oranges, reds, golden yellows, ambers and golds

Cool color family: greens and blues like olive and turquoise, and reds and purples

Neutral color family: taupe, chocolate and creamy whites

Avoid color family: jewel tones


Hair color: very dark to light blonde

Skin tone: bluish undertone

Cool color family: bright blues, emeralds, lavenders and deep purples

Warm color family: hot pinks and ruby

Neutral color family: gray, navy, bright white

Avoid color family: oranges and yellows


Hair color: ash blonde or brown with warmer tones

Skin tone: hard to determine

Go-to colors: soft pinks and peach, light blues and greens

Avoid color family: bright colors, reds and yellows

Neutral color family: taupe, grays and off-whites

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