Fashion trends in the Midwest are interesting and typically cycle through three to five years behind their coastal counterparts.

There is a segment of the population keyed in on the short suits, feathers and mini skirts hitting bridal runways on the coasts and in Europe. However, a majority of local brides lean toward traditional.

But traditional doesn’t mean boring. Not in the slightest, said Kennedy Brinder. Brinder’s wedding to her college boyfriend, Nick Pratham, won’t take place until August 2020 but she’s been eyeing dresses since the day he proposed.

“I follow a lot of fashion bloggers and my personality is pretty eclectic so I’d like to think my dress will be unique,” Brinder said. “I really like the blush wedding dresses. And lace.”

Brinder has been browsing at boutiques in the four-state region as well as checking dozens of online sites. With each trip, she says retailers are showcasing trends for 2019 and 2020.

“The styles seem to be all over the place, too,” she said. “There’s lots of sleeves and a lot of lace that give a sort of nod to vintage and then there’s completely the opposite. There are a ton of dresses that have zero embellishments and are super streamlined, classy and sophisticated.”

She wondered if the recent wedding of Prince Harry and Meagan Markle were behind that inspiration.