Instead of looking for new clothing to complete your summer wardrobe, consider adding new-to-you vintage finds.

The Lucky Tiger, a vintage boutique located in Downtown St. Joseph, has been outfitting customers in one-of-a-kind vintage finds for the past five years. Owner Amy Heath said the key to incorporating vintage into a wardrobe is a matter of knowing what time period you prefer and what suits your body type.

“It’s really important, you have to keep in mind what era fits you best, and what looks good on you and what you like,” Heath said. “My body fits 50s the best, but it’s not my favorite era. I love 60s and 70s. I kind of go all over the map.”

For those who haven’t worn vintage clothing before, Heath suggested start by choosing a purse, shoes or jewelry. Accessories can be easily added to your existing clothing options without having to plan a full outfit. Heath also advised adding a vintage belt to define the waist and “finish” the look.

“I always say that belts are the unsung hero of clothing,” she said. “It’s amazing when you put on a belt with a lot of different things, and people don’t even think about wearing belts, but they are really key to pulling your outfit together.”

Styling hair and makeup can keep vintage clothing from feeling antiquated. For a fresh look, Heath suggests keeping parts of your look on trend, but mixing in a special vintage piece.

“It’s all about modern haircut versus a vintage looking haircut,” she said. “You can pull off a more vintage look if you have a more modern haircut and not look antiquated.”

Not only does the Lucky Tiger have an Instagram account where outfit inspiration is uploaded daily, the store also offers customers help choosing pieces for customers who are unsure of where to start.

“The chance you you finding something unique in this city is kind of difficult because there’s not that many stores … Coming in here, you’re not going to have the same dress that someone else has, unless it was your grandma,” Heath said.

The Lucky Tiger is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information call 816-284-3104.

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