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There comes a time in every woman’s life when her approach to fashion has to change.

For Melissa Chesnut, it happened after she had her second baby. Not only did clothes fit her differently, but between child-rearing and a demanding career in public relations, the 30-year-old Dearborn gal had no time to even think about shopping for new things.

So, she called in an expert whose approach to managing a wardrobe brought more simplicity, savings and sanity to the closet.

“I need my clothes to work more for my lifestyle now,” Chesnut says.

That means what she wears to work – be that to the office or on frequent business trips – needs to transition easily into weeknight and weekend wear.

Independent Personal Stylist Julie Splichal introduced Chesnut to the capsule wardrobe method. Through this philosophy of fashion, women minimize their wardrobes to a smaller set of better quality, timeless pieces that you can mix and match – and wear for years to come.

The process began with a judicious closet audit, during which about 75% of Chesnut’s collection of clothing landed in the donation pile.

“It was overwhelming at first,” she admits. But 18 months later, she’s packing lighter, spending less time choosing outfits, doing less laundry and looking great.

With Splichal's help, Chesnut has gotten better at choosing more versatile apparel that is designed to flatter her body and feel comfortable. She subscribes to the fashion line Cabi and follows capsule wardrobe style boards online for inspiration.

Of course, having a personal stylist to check in with season to season doesn’t hurt, either. Splichal, who is based in Manhattan, Kansas, agreed to share her insight with Josephine readers. 

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To reach Splichal, contact her at beyoutifulbyjulie@gmail.com.