For some reason, pajamas and cool weather just seem to go together, kind of like peanut butter and jelly. Not that you don’t sleep year round, obviously, but pajamas make great gifts and there’s something cozy about the thought of flannel pants.

But Michelle Moore has discovered that women have a vast difference in preferences for pajamas.

“Some people sleep warm and want a summer pajama year-round,” said Moore, who owns Blessings Boutique in St. Joseph. “Some want warm, cozy flannel or fleece. And a lot of women like to wear pajamas at home prior to sleeping, like lounge wear.”

The women’s clothing and accessory store, located at 3827 Frederick Ave., carries everything from pajama separates, sets and big fuzzy robes to slippers and chenille socks.

“I think people buy pajamas for themselves and most people buy gift cards as far as gifts,” she said of her customers.

Yet she does see the gift trend as more chenille socks and slippers for giving rather than pajamas.

For winter pajamas, Moore said people are looking for plaids, animal prints and florals in addition to buttery-soft pajama pants. People like to lounge in them but not necessarily sleep in them because the legs can hike up, which is why she said she sells more of the shorter nightgowns.

“People don’t necessarily want pants to sleep in, but they want shorts,” Moore said.

Blessings Boutique recently reopened in the East Ridge Shopping Center, but it has been in business since 2017. Moore said she always wants her business to be about paying it forward, especially with local charities.

Blessings, which was established through Moore’s own personal loss, has become a safe haven for other women. It’s a club you don’t want to be in, she said.

All of her off-season inventory goes to charity and she works with local organizations to find something for each of them personally.

Though it’s been a tough year, the community has supported Moore and her boutique.

“I feel very ‘blessed’ through COVID,” she said.

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