There has always been a romantic obsession with 1920s fashion, from the iconic flapper dress and bobbed hairstyles to trouser pants and loosely fitted blouses and dresses. A reprieve of the era’s dress code resurged after the remake of “The Great Gatsby” in 2013.

The century-old fashion, however, has more to do with World War I than speakeasies and night clubs.

During the war, women took on different roles in society, including working outside the home. So women’s fashion prior to 1918 was more about style than function with corsets, fitted dresses and heels. When the war ended, many women maintained the more comfortable clothing they had adapted to just a few years prior.

While the roaring ‘20s didn’t make a huge fashion impact this year, much to our disappointment, many staples of the time are most definitely part of modern-day wardrobes.

Wide-legged, loose-fitted trousers (palazzo) and denim are huge right now. Think elegant and not hippie bell bottom. Power suits have been popular for years now, but nothing beats a pantsuit with that 1920s flair of either cropped or longer hem length. Couple with a great pair of T-strap heels and, voila, the perfect 100-year-old fashion statement.

Here are some other favorites: shift dresses, plunging necklines, floral prints, lace overlay, cloche hats, pearl and tassel necklaces, Art Deco colored faux gemstones and drop earrings.

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