Alyson Fisher, the owner of Life and Style Boutique, believes giving back is a responsibility we have as a part of our community.

That’s why this local business at 3002 Lafayette St. carries a brand called Roma Boots. “Giving poverty the boot,” this company is a buy-one, give-one operation. Fisher said the store carries several brands that are fair trade or have a mission behind the product, such as this one.

Though it’s not the sole purpose of the boutique to carry these specific brands, the goal is to curate unique items to fit customers’ life and style, she said.

“We think that brands like Roma and Fosterie, to name a few, fit well into our mix and even more so because there is a mission behind the products,” she said.

In 2018, Fisher purchased Garden Gate Flowers and Gifts, which had been in existence since 1997.

“At that time we scaled back on the gifts and home decor side of the business while we worked to decide the direction of the retail part of our business,” she said. “In mid-2019, we decided to open the Life and Style Boutique upstairs that focuses on curated life and style items.”

Her boutique carries clothing, accessories, home goods and children’s gifts, in addition to signature floral arrangements. She said she loves that the store focuses on small-batch, one-of-a-kind items. Rarely do they reorder a product, because the goal is to constantly offer new and unique options.

“As a company, we have several causes that we donate to on a regular basis,” she said. “We also offer a ‘Flowers for a Cause’ fundraiser for many organizations in our community where organizations can sell beautiful, fresh flower arrangements and all proceeds go right back to the organization. It’s a fun spin on fundraising.”

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