Tasha Brentwood knew she wanted her bride's maids to stand out at her wedding.

"I know the attention is going to be on me and I wanted my closest friends and sister to feel just as important," she said.

Brentwood said she remembers the process of being a bride's maid herself.

"I know it wasn't my day but I felt like I was forced to wear a uniform," she said. "It was a gorgeous dress but not anything I would have picked and was kind of boring. I wanted every part of my day to be fun and excited, even dress shopping."

Brentwood and her four maids looked to what other creative wedding parties were doing. She said she saw bold colors, unique cuts of dresses, short, long and event prints. And that's when she made the decision to go big.

"We all fell in love with the idea of floral print dresses for them," she said. "They were so thrilled to be wearing something fun and something they'd wear again, probably."

The pastel floral dresses, all different from each other, created a whimsical look in line with a popular Bohemian trend this year.

Many bridal parties are taking a break from the traditional identical dress look. Some are opting for the same color but different style of dress while others are going all out and having a completely different dress on each attendant.

Besides florals, wedding parties have embraced dresses that are completely different but in the same color family as each other and the couple's wedding colors. Others are going bold and bringing back sequins, lots of lace and even all white, breaking from a long standing taboo.

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