It’s officially November, so that means we can all put up our Christmas trees, right?

I’ve become very aware that this is a topic of contention among many people. Beginning in October, big retailers around town already had out a majority of their Christmas decor. But why? I asked an employee this year why their company did that. He told me that those decisions are consumer-driven. Ah, back to the supply-and-demand thing.

I don’t think he’s wrong. Every time I’m in any of these stores, there are always customers pushing their carts, staring at all the pretty goodies, and at least a couple have holiday items in their carts. So people are legitimately shopping for Christmas decor in October.

I’m honestly OK with it. It doesn’t bother me. If anything, it makes me smile. Thinking of the upcoming holidays always makes me smile.

Now that I’m a business owner in retail, I totally get it.

Last weekend, my husband and I were in my store decorating for Christmas. He got up and down on the ladder hanging my snowflakes while I fluffed my silver tinsel tree in a display by the front window and arranged prepacked, red gift boxes from my newest holiday inventory.

See, in retail, we have to think of the customer. My newest collection of colors are geared toward winter and the holidays, so those got unveiled Nov. 1. Because of supply limits, I have to put out my gift options for those shopping early.

So on Halloween morning, my store became a winter wonderland, ready to greet customers on Monday morning. Guess what? They loved it.

Now we don’t put up Christmas until after Thanksgiving. It’s just a rule in our house. Nothing against those who do, we just love fall and typically host Thanksgiving dinner. My husband prefers to not eat turkey and stuffing next to a Santa statue and oversized Christmas tree smothered in smells of pine and cedar.

To each their own, I guess. I think we all have our traditions and habits. I had a few customers tell me they were putting their holiday decor up next week. Many feel it is a daunting task dragging out the bins of items they’ve collected over the years so they want more time to enjoy it.

And that’s my message to you all. Just enjoy the things that you love.

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