I’ve always been of the creative sort. I love to paint, get out the chop saw and build something or repurpose an old item around the house. Full disclosure, I’m Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder so my mind is always moving from one project to another, sometimes half-completed.

In our house, the adventures in home improvements never end and my husband usually is a good sport.

Recently, I’ve set my eyes on our bedroom. When we started replacing all the floors in our home with vinyl-planks, it was the last room to be finished.

Now that the room is finished, I need to redo it, right? I mean, duh (Insert husband’s eyes rolling here).

To make things less complicated, I’m sticking with the current color scheme: white on white. By that I mean: my walls, crown molding, baseboard, sheer curtains and bedding is all white. I love the clean look and it’s comforting to me. The husband could care less.

But I wanted more.

So I decided we needed to forgo the huge, mahogany sleigh bed and matching dressers. The look of no headboard and baseboard is surprisingly awesome. Now that, my husband agrees with. The dressers however weren’t as easy to change as taking them out of the room. So here I was, deciding to tackle another furniture painting project.

I chose to use white chalkboard paint. And like any true project of mine it didn’t go as planned. I take that back — taking all of the hardware off and priming was the easy part.

Then came the tedious painting part. I overanalyze each stroke and if it is going to leave a streak mark — and why is this $20 special chalk paint brush shedding so dang bad?

Nonetheless, I got the first coat on. But I was exhausted and annoyed. Mainly because I still had to paint in every crevis of the two new nightstands I built out of wooden crates and boards. Yeah, I forgot to mention I added that to the project list.

I started to paint the first layer of the nightstands when I gave up. I decided to drag out the paint gun. Big surprise, a part was missing. I called the husband, who was on a hunting trip in Texas, only to find out he had the missing piece in his office, which was locked up. I’d need to wait two days before I could use the sprayer.

The worst part was that I had no where to put all of our clothes. I had to make stacks all over the center of the room. You know, like broke college kids do when they have no furniture in their first apartments. I couldn’t find anything and what I did find had dog hair on it. Ugh!

The husband gets home and is so happy to walk into my mess. Not.

He gets the part and helps me finish the painting. Finally. There’s an end in sight. Did I mention that I had to run back to the store not once, but twice to get more paint. I forgot the paint sprayer takes more paint than a brush. (Pro tip for the day.) I think it was the second trip that I forgot my wallet and had to do the walk of shame out of the store because I couldn’t pay for my $14 quart of chalk board paint.

Just another day in the life of me.

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