Anybody who knows me, knows I’m absolutely a squirrel.

I’m the girl who starts purging my closet, will try things on and then decide I need to fix my hair. When I start fixing my hair, I’ll realize I need to color my roots. Then I’ll start making a list of errands I need to run because, you know, hair color. That will lead to me making my grocery list, so then I’ll have to go through the fridge and cabinets, which will lead me to the realization that my fridge needs organized better. So of course I hop on Pinterest to see how The Home Edit suggests to label and set up containers. About an hour of scrolling later I can’t remember why I have on dress slacks and a nice top when I’m home on my day off.

See what I mean? I’m a squirrel. Now imagine the life suck when brain fog sets in. Ugh!

Medically speaking, there are several different reasons for brain fog, but I’ve chalked mine up to a simple thing: sleep deprivation. (Revert back to my opening when I explained how my brain is wired) It’s exhausting in my head so when I run myself ragged trying to do it all, I get little sleep and the fog sets in.

I have had some serious conversations with myself, pep talks, if you will. It’s springtime and I have a laundry list of things to get done before the heat sets in because this girl doesn’t do manual labor in Missouri’s humidity. Speaking of that, I forgot I need to do laundry tonight.

I genuinely think the cold snaps are behind us, and I’m looking forward to all the pretties that come with warm weather. I started raking out my flower beds and can see a ton of green shoots taking shape. It always amazes me how those little 1-inch pieces grow to an almost 3-foot peony bush. Or how tulips I never even planted just show up one day. The homeowners before us left sweet little surprises. By getting a head start on pulling up the old stuff, I can hopefully put down a few inches of mulch and get ready to plant.

While my rule of thumb is to plant new flowers around Mother’s Day, I’m itching to get started. I really need to split a ton of my hostas. My goal is to start a hosta berm in three different areas of my property under a small cluster of trees. Grass never really grows there so I thought that would be a good use of the space.

But my biggest goals coming up this month are to just get outside, soak up some Vitamin D (because my doctor said I’m really low) and pretend the last year of my life hasn’t been stressful.

Jenn Hall can be reached at Follow her on Twitter: @SJNPHall.

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