Is it July already?

It seems summer snuck right up on me. Besides the endless days of rain, I’m excited about this month.

For the first time in a couple of years, we are going on a big family vacation.

While that seems awesome, and it is, it’s been quite the debacle. I really made a mess of what should have been a simple seven days in the Sunshine State.

We’ve always taken a road trip to our vacation spots in the past, but this year everyone wanted to fly. I procrastinated, as usual, and didn’t book our flight until about three weeks ago.

After what seemed like days of researching, asking friends and reading reviews, I decided to book through Spirit. I downloaded the app, easy. I read through all the charges like checked bags, carry-ons, preferred seating and all of that, easy. But I get to the dates for flights and there’s no departure on our date. Oh no. But wait. There’s a flight leaving the day before for only $24 per person. That’s a no-brainer. I tell the husband we’re just going to spend an extra day in Pensacola before driving to our reserved rental the next day. He agreed.

Feeling accomplished, I texted my bestie that I finally booked my flight. Keep in mind she’d only been asking when I was booking for several months, urging me to not wait too long.

I told her about having to fly out a day early but wanted to know when her family would be arriving so we could pick up our rental cars and head to the house together.

“Saturday at 1:50 p.m.,” she replied.

Um, wait a minute. I booked our flight for the Wednesday before. Not wanting to look like a moron, I asked why Saturday.

“Because that’s when we check in to the house?” she said.


I began violently scrolling through months and months of previous text messages. I was positive she said our trip was July 29 through Aug. 7.

And then there it was. Her text from January stating our reservation was for July 31 through Aug. 7. By this point, my phone was ringing. She was upset thinking she’d given me the wrong dates and worried I was mad.

I explained that I got the dates wrong, it wasn’t her fault. We laughed about it. But then it started to set in. How am I going to explain to my husband that we now have to be in Pensacola for almost four days and not just one night? Eek!

Panic sunk in as I made the phone call. He was upset but it wasn’t the end of the world. We’ve learned over the years to roll with the punches and spending a few extra days in Florida as a family was definitely not the worst thing that could happen to us.

Now to pay a quick trip to a city none of us have ever been to. Wish me luck.

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