Well ladies, it’s official. I’ve been married for a decade.

My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on New Year’s Eve … New Year’s Day. (See my last column if you’re confused. Ha.) It seems like a big milestone, yet there wasn’t much fanfare. I completely forgot to get him a gift, but he bought me a super cute sherpa pullover I’d been eyeballing. He didn’t seem to mind.

I find that the successes and accomplishments we’ve experienced as a married couple can’t be honored in one day. They are celebrated often and in everyday ways.

Looking back, I truly don’t even know how we survived. There were some knock-down, drag-out fights along the way, especially in the beginning. We both have strong personalities that don’t budge very often and were raised quite differently. We have varying viewpoints on many things, including religion, social topics and parenting. You’re surprised we made it a year, aren’t you?

Despite those differences, we get along. I think to truly embrace the concept of being a couple, regardless of a marriage license, you have to respect each other. I think that’s the key. I respect my husband. He respects me. This key element has helped us evade common deal-breaking conflicts like finances and fidelity.

I hope that this weddings edition of Josephine helps you with the details of planning the big day. After all, you’ve both put in the hard work of strengthening the bond to get to this point. Have fun, don’t stress and look forward to your own milestone anniversaries.

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