Is it really that time of year, again? The time when we all start putting pressure on ourselves to make changes in our lives? Ugh!

No doubt, many of us fall victim to the trap of coming up with a New Year’s resolution. I’ve done it myself. Every year I suggest I’ll lose weight, give more, be nicer, go on vacation or any other set of goals I will, no doubt, fail to accomplish.

This year will be different. As I work with the team to piece together this issue, “The Perspective” issue, I’m forced to have a more than usually positive interpretation on life. When I sit down, pen to paper, my “pros” column far outweighs the “cons” column of my life. I truly have little to complain about, yet that’s not how I feel. In fact, that’s not how many of us feel.

As I look through the onslaught of stories, the sense of kindness and natural progression of moving forward with head held high resonates with my inner self.

Alyson Fischer inspires us all to take a chance and have some fun by living a little and taking an adult tap-dancing class. You can read about it on Page 7.

Kristen Carver gives us insight into a St. Joseph woman’s weight-loss journey on Page 12. Tiffany French found the strength to not only shed her pounds naturally but became a cheerleader for others at her gym.

You can find motivation through many stories inside from how animals encourage us to heal, taking care of our bodies, teaching our children real-life values and how to stay sane during the upcoming 2020 elections.

I think this year, my one goal will be to simply live more. Take each day as it comes and quit surviving and actually enjoy it all. Cheers!