It's a new year and a new us, right?

Here I am, again, debating whether I should even do a New Year's resolution. I should lose weight, quit smoking, be positive, save more money and purge my house, but none of that seems special. They are all issues I battle with almost every day of the year, so putting an emphasis on them beginning Jan. 1 just seems trivial. Or is it?

I think the key to finding success in a New Year's resolution is to have a plan, resources and support.

I've learned a lot while putting this special issue together.

There are so many women out there battling. They are battling and they are overcoming.

Tracy Osborn opened up about her personal weight-loss journey to our Erin Wisdom. She tells of her trials and tribulations on Page 20.

But the entire issue of “New Beginnings” is about empowerment. From money and cleaning house to our jobs, working out, food and optimism.

Kristen Carver sat down with local photographer LaTonya Williams to find out about her recent empowerment series and where her inspiration comes from. You can read her story on Page 8.

But no matter what you, or I, decide to do for 2019, let's make it a good year full of hope and happiness.

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