I have three wedding anniversaries. Yup! You read that correctly.

My husband and I hadn’t really ever set a wedding date after getting engaged. In fact, most people thought it was odd that I wasn’t in hyper planning mode after he popped the question.

The truth is, I’d been married once before and despite my love for my fiancé, I just wasn’t in a super big hurry. I look back now and feel a bit selfish. He had never been married before. He deserved all the hoopla that comes with getting married.

In the fall of 2009, a coworker came back from his lunch break married. He and his long-time girlfriend went down to the courthouse on a whim and got hitched. While most would think this uneventful, I found it inspiring. Anyone who knew this coworker and his bride knew they had a beautiful relationship an unwavering love. They didn’t need the fanfare.

I mentioned it to my then-fiancé and he thought that was cool. So we spent about a week trying to arrange a courthouse wedding. It didn’t work out. But now we were in full “let’s get married now” mode.

By that time it was the end of October. We decided a New Year’s Eve wedding would be perfect. We invited our closest family and friends out to Camp Marvin Hillyard for an evening wedding.

The sky was jet black and serene but it so happened to snow like the dickens that night so some couldn’t make it, but most did. The huge fireplace was raging and the event could not have gone better.

We decided we wanted our marriage to be official after midnight. So the sweet minister came back around 1 a.m., as the reception was coming to a close, to sign the marriage license.

A few days later, it hit me. I couldn’t take communion since I didn’t get married in the church or by a priest. So we set a date with my priest to have a ceremony in my church to have our marriage blessed.

So our actual wedding ceremony was Dec. 31, from a legal standpoint, it’s Jan. 1, and in the eyes of God, it’s Aug. 20.

The whole thing makes us giggle, to be honest.

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