How is everyone doing? Honestly?

The current state of affairs makes writing this column difficult. The shelter-in-place order has impacted all of us differently.

Many working parents got a crash course in teaching their children from the dining room table. This was a huge struggle for us, personally. There were lots of breakdowns, lots of tears and not a lot of learning going on at some points. But we figured it out.

Through it all, finding the balance means taking a step back and making sense of our lives and what is really important. For me, that is my children's well being and my own mental health.

Emily Gummelt wrote a beautiful piece in this issue about helping your child find his or her passion. Not all of our children are destined to be a varsity basketball player, track star or head cheerleader. Guess what? That's OK. Not all of our children will go on to become a doctor, the CEO of a company or cure cancer. Guess what? That's OK.

Helping your children be good people, productive members of society and happy is what matters most. Growing up to enjoy their hobbies, holding down a job, being a good spouse and parent are just as important.

But things are different right now and it's hard to see past the crazy of the day. It's easier to focus on the little things and look forward to finding a new normal.

Christina Hazelwood and Lisa Horn have some great ideas for having fun, living a little and keeping safe during this prolonged task of social distancing.

Since we've all been cooped up so long, it'll be nice to tiptoe outside and take advantage of some businesses opening back up. Dottie Douglas, owner of Polished & Pampered in Downtown St. Joseph, shares some trends to look for in nails ... because many of you have gone too long. Ha! Cris Coffman with Nesting Goods in Downtown gives us some inspiration to bring the warmth and comfort of summer into our homes.

We hope you enjoy this issue. Creating it gave us a since of normalcy.