Like many parents who eagerly look for costumes their children can wear on Halloween, the Fishers have a collection of costumes they dress their fur babies, Ruth and Ralph, in each year.

The two boxers were adopted by Stacy and Drew Fisher, dog-lovers who admittedly run a zoo of rescue animals from their home.

“Ralph is 4 years old,” Stacy said. “He is your typical boxer: super bouncing around the room, wiggling his butt, he has super soft ears. He's just my little buddy. We named him Wreck It Ralph, because he's your typical boxer.”

“We got Ruth, she's a 2 1/2 now,” Drew said. “She came from a rescue from Omaha and has just as always just been sweet, calm, compassionate. I'm a therapist, and she goes to work with me and kind of assists that therapy process with a lot of my clients.”

Stacy has always been a lover of dogs and Halloween, something she has shared with her husband throughout their marriage.

“Halloween is my favorite holiday -- anybody that knows me knows that,” Stacy said. "I mean, everyone talks about Christmas or Thanksgiving and like I’m like ‘Nope, Halloween all day.” Since I've had a dog, I've always dressed them up every year. Poor Drew, when we got married he got to join part in that.”

The couple has coordinated costumes with their pets, dressing the family in Harry Potter outfits, Wizard of Oz costumes and K-State jerseys. They can be spotted around town come Halloween season, visiting houses and pet-friendly locations.

“We could take them for a walk around the neighborhood and go trick-or-treating with my nieces,” Stacy said. “There's a lot of places in town that are dog-friendly. We'd like to take them out like during the Halloween season with their costumes on.”

The couple says they enjoy the creativity and coordination involved in dressing up their family of animals.

“We went to a costume contest and we were all dressed up as a family, and we won that year for the Harry Potter family,” Stacy said. “I think everybody was just so impressed that we matched so well.”

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