Diamond decor

Did you see the giant diamonds on stage at the Josephine Expo? These beautiful creations were made by a magazine staffer, Jena Sauber. She got the idea off of Pinterest and added a few of her own touches. They turned out amazing!

You will need: large sheets of cardboard, yard stick, box cutter, wide masking tape, newsprint, Modge Podge, foam paint brushes, glitter and craft paint (same color of the glitter).

For the details on this project, go to www.newspressnow.com/josephine.

Fun twist on traditional plant stand

Dresser drawers can serve a purpose besides storing clothing. If you have an old drawer just sitting around, add some legs and turn it into a decorative plant stand. All you need is some paint, legs, screws and a few minutes.

Easy air freshners for your home or car

Do you love the smell of fresh laundry? Fabric softners can add that little extra scent that signifies clean and soft. Just toss some Downy Unstoppables in a small mesh bag and, voila, a great smelling car. The small pellets can also be placed in containers around the home for a fresh smell, too.

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