Autumn provides such rich colors for the home both inside and out. From corn stalks, mums, ghords, straw, Indian corn and pumpkins, Crockett Farms has it all.

Scott and Andrea Crockett own the family business at 7500 SW State Route K in Rushville, Missouri.

“People like the simplicity,” Andrea says. “We are on the farm. I think people like that.”

Besides all the traditional accessories you can pick up to create décor, Andrea says her store sells Cock’s Comb arrangements, too. There’s also a few odds and ends for sale but most are used for props to showcase the couple’s picks.

“We just have a variety of everything,” she says.

The different pumpkins, both big and small, can be used in multiple ways. There are specialty pumpkins like Cinderella and Peanut, too.

You can find the farm on Facebook or call 816-262-6392 for more information.