Do you ever come across a photo that makes you wonder about the story behind it? Those are my favorite!

When I was in college, my best friend and I would dress up and take the most ridiculous photos. Outsiders thought we were nuts, but we had an amazing time and made great memories. We probably would have gotten along great with best friends Kaelyn Head and Shelby Tannehill, who have taken that kind of fun to a new level. Who says being an adult has to be boring?

Head, the owner of Head Photography in Weston, Missouri, typically does what she considers “lifestyle” photography, including sessions with couples, children and families. She was inspired by a Facebook post to try something with a more edgy theme that was woman-centered. She asked some friends if they were interested, and they got to work sharing ideas for outfits and props. Head’s best friend, Tannehill, was one of the women included in the shoot. Since her birthday is on Halloween, they decided to go with a witch theme.

“I own a farm with the perfect setup, so we went shopping for outfits and spent the afternoon having some witchy fun,” Tannehill said. “Besides it being my birthday, we all have always loved fall/Halloween time, so this just gave us the opportunity to go above and beyond with the fun.”

The experience allowed the women to get out of their comfort zones and have fun with friends. The women bonded while getting ready for the shoot and helped each other with outfits, final touches on makeup and giving each other pointers on poses and pep talks.

“It was incredibly uplifting to support one another in what could be a completely uncomfortable shoot for some,” Head said. “I used it as a learning opportunity for future photoshoots. I think a group-style shoot is a fantastic way to build confidence, security and friendship with others.”

Head recently learned that she had to get out of her comfort zone to grow.

“You learn more being uncomfortable in art especially,” she said. “Don’t shy away from new experiences. Make sure your client is comfortable and be willing to let them be themselves. That’s when you get the best shots.”

Much like the old-timey photos often sold at theme parks, the witch theme is nothing new. Witch Pix in Salem, Massachusetts, has been a tourist destination since 2003 and has been rated as one of the most unique travel experiences in the country by Trip Advisor.

While Witch Pix has multiple sets, props and costumes to choose from, not everyone wants to travel for a fun photo shoot. Head, Tannehill and their group of “witches” got creative with costumes, props, makeup and even smoke bombs. After having such a great experience, Head hopes to do similar shoots in the future.

Dressing up and having fun with your friends shouldn’t just be for kids. Don’t be afraid to do something a little different or unexpected. Getting creative often leads to self-discovery and making the best memories.

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