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Nellestein Vein Institute (NVI) continues to raise the bar for vein care in Saint Joseph and Northwest Missouri

The Nellestein Vein Institute (NVI), Northwest Missouri’s premier vein treatment facility, is the only program within 40,000 square miles offering non-thermal vein closure devices. Patients with varicose veins and venous insuffi ciency are frequently treated with endovenous ablation utilizing laser or radiofrequency. This is called thermal ablation. These devices work by creating heat which basically cauterize or burn, the inner lining of the vein and make it close. This would be exceedingly painful without anesthesia consequently just prior to treatment the entire vein is coated with a liquid anesthetic placed via 5-8 needle injections thus coating the vein. These needle injections are well tolerated but still cause some degree of discomfort. Non-thermal ablation devices close the entire vein utilizing just one needle injection. Clarivein and Varithena are non-thermal devices. ClariVein works by a combination of micro abrasions applied to the inner surface of the vein combined with simultaneous injections of sclerotherapy solutions. The treated vein and then closes over the next 4-5 days. Varithena works by injecting a special foam sclerotherapy solution, 1% Polidocanol, which closes the treated vein within 4-5 days as well. Because no heat is utilized, no anesthetic is required so the entire procedure can be done with one needle injection. Furthermore, ClariVein and Varithena can treat veins very close to the skin whereas radiofrequency or laser may cause skin burns in those locations. As your premier vein treatment facility, we are very proud to be the only program within 40,000 square miles offering all the thermal and major non-thermal treatment modalities. This truly is state of the art vein care. Nellestein. Trusted name, Unrivaled quality. If you have Restless legs, varicose veins, skin ulcers, or are at all concerned that you may have vein troubles, call 816-291-4149. We will do our best, to make you feel, and look, YOUR best! Call 816-291-4149 for a consultation performed personally by Dr. Nellestein. No referral is necessary, all insurance plans are accepted, and zero interest financing is available as needed. All procedures are done in the offi ce utilizing a local anesthetic. No driver is needed and downtime is nil. Visit for full offi ce and treatment details.