Ask the Professional


Q: Do I have to be referred by my doctor?

A: Although it is always a good idea to consult your healthcare

provider on health questions, you do not need a referral to be

seen by Dr. Nellestein at the Nellestein Vein Institute. The NVI has

treated multiple patients from local and surrounding hospitals and

doctors’ offices and has a great working relationship with those

same providers. Additionally, according to the Affordable Care Act,

you have the right to see whatever doctor you choose.

Q: Is Dr. Nellestein on my insurance plan?

A: Dr. Nellestein and the Nellestein Vein Institute have contracts

with all major insurance carriers, and we accept all insurance plans.

If we accept your insurance and are listed as a provider with your

insurance company, you can have care here and it will be covered.

Q: How much will my treatments cost?

A: This all depends on your insurance plan, deductibles and out

of pocket maximums. To make this very easy for the patient,

Nellestein Vein Institute provides every patient with the billing

codes for every procedure we are planning on performing — before

we do any procedures. Then we advise patients to call their

insurance company with the codes and ask the insurance company

how much they will pay and how much the patient must pay.

The degree of transparency offered by NVI is unequaled and unrivaled.

Nellestein Vein Institute

1341 Village Drive

St. Joseph, MO 64506