Few people are thinking about their Health Savings or Flexible Spending Accounts during the holidays. The sheer merriment of good food and family gatherings has us all distracted. But there are a few things, however, to keep in mind before the start of a new year.

The circulatory system is very simple to understand. We only have 2 types of blood vessels in our body. Arteries and veins. Our circulatory system is a  closed loop.

Throughout my career in medicine the topic of "second opinions" frequently comes up. Patients just are not sure if they should get a second opinion or not.

The Nellestein Vein Institute, Northwest Missouri’s Premier vein program, continues to “set the bar” for outstanding vein care.

Venous leg ulcers (stasis ulcers) occur in 1% of the adult US population (about 3 million people) and cost over 2 billion dollars a year to manage. Venous leg ulceration results from untreated venous insufficiency disease.

It's time to get your legs looking and feeling great for Summer!

The words “vein stripping” strike fear into the heart of anyone with  varicose veins. The main culprit causing varicose veins, is backward flow of vein blood down the Greater Saphenous Vein (GSV) through leaky valves, following by swelling of side branches (varicosities). To effectively trea…

The Nellestein Vein Institute is Northwest Missouri's premier vein treatment facility. As such, we get a lot of questions about whether or not vein treatments are "covered" by insurance plans. To sort this out, we have to determine if your treatments are "medically necessary" - in which case…


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