Josephine Cover Nov. 6

We wanted this year’s issue of The Holidays to fully embrace all things local. Who better to represent us than a St. Joseph sweetheart. Korey Massey grew up in St. Joseph and has managed The Mark-It for 10 years.

She loves the people she gets to interact with and her co-workers.

“We are allowed to be creative and help others turn their thoughts into real-life art or gifts,” Massey said. “It really is a fun atmosphere, and I know I am where I’m supposed to be.”

For Massey, her family is everything. Her parents and bosses, Mike and Tracy Massey, bought into her dream of buying a clothing store a decade ago.

“They put their house up as collateral all on my work, talk and trust,” Korey said.

Her little brother, Cody Massey, just graduated from Northwest Missouri State University and has decided to start working with the rest of his family at The Mark-It to help run their social media and online stores.

“I really love playing volleyball with my friends and family,” Massey said. “I grew up watching my parents play, and when I was old enough to start playing, I just fell in love and haven’t stopped.”

Massey said her best-kept secret is how much she loves makeup.

“I don’t wear it very often but, when I do, I want to go all out,” she said. (Note the amazing red lipstick on the cover.) “I have an amazing collection (of makeup) and just love learning about new techniques and how there are no rules to what you can and cannot do with it.”