Have you ever wondered what your hairdresser thinks about the crazy clients who walk through the door? Because WE are never the crazy ones, right? We asked a few local stylists what they wish their clients knew. Here's what they had to say.

Every person is beautiful.

“I hope every person knows they’re beautiful. My job is to complement and enhance their natural beauty, all while having fun and enjoying their time in my chair.”

Abby Steele - Lyndsay L Salon

Healthy hair is prettier than fried.

“I wish my clients knew how much I genuinely appreciate them and that I strive to make them look their very best. I wish they understood some things take time, and healthy hair is prettier than fried.”

Kaitlyn Bussman – Bliss Salon

If you feel beautiful when you leave, they are happy.

“Adjusting to the different personalities is one of the perks of our jobs. As long as they all feel the same when they leave us, like a hot babe, we are all happy!”

Bobbi Jo Hausman – Bliss Salon

Beautiful hair takes time and effort.

“You can’t usually get to the blonde in the Pinterest pics in one setting. You can’t do red one month and then go ash blonde the next. Regular trims really do help your hair get longer faster and look healthier. We don’t just sell retail products to make more money off you, but we know the best ‘prescription’ for YOUR best hair. When we offer deep-conditioning treatments it’s because your hair is really thirsty.”

Amber Rodriquez – Salon 1027

They will try their best to give you the look you want, but some things aren’t possible.

“I always try my hardest to do what my clients are asking for, but sometimes not every hairdresser can get it right. When they show us pictures of colors or style, they have to understand that those photos are sometimes photoshopped, wigs or even hair extensions. But I’ll make sure they love their hair before walking out the door of the salon. All my clients are like family to me.”

Kelly Boyer – Meraki Salon

Learn to embrace your natural beauty!

“We are all different and that’s truly what makes us unique and beautiful. If we all were the same, life would just be boring.”

Lyndsay Thurn – Lyndsay L Salon

You don't need to have a massive makeover to feel like you've made a change.

“Whether it’s changing your part, styling tool or even doing a gloss to add shine on dull hair, it's crazy how adding something along those lines will feel like a big change. Also, when a stylist says that the color you want is unrealistic, believe them. Not only could it take multiple sessions, but it might damage the integrity of your hair. The best advice I've ever received as a stylist is under-promise and overachieve. Armed with that and a good education, I believe I can handle most things thrown at me.”

Ciera Zimmerman – Bliss Salon

Trust your stylist.

“If you want a drastic change from one color to another, to maintain the integrity and health of your hair, you may need to look at the process as a road trip with many stops. Trust your stylist and let them navigate you through the transition. They will help you with a maintenance regimen that will ensure a beautiful look while helping you enjoy a beautiful look that is shiny and healthy and new!

Also, if you are wanting something new but not sure which direction you’re wanting to go, it is always good to schedule a consultation with your hair-care provider. This will ensure that you and the stylist are on the same page, and you can make an informed decision so that your journey to this new adventure is an amazing experience.”

Patrick Hall – Bliss Salon

Be respectful of their time.

“I don’t live at work, and I’m not there 24/7, 365. Please stop texting me after 10 p.m. No-shows or less than 24-hour cancellations are taking money out of my pocket. Make the call to cancel or reschedule in advance. Really, I have so much love and respect for my clients. Most of them are like family to me. My career wouldn’t be possible without them and I’m forever grateful.”


It’s more than just hair.

“I love my career because it’s not just about hair when they sit in my chair. I have built so many relationships and have been with clients going through good times and bad, and I love being there for them, and they have also been there for me. I love what I do because I get to help or be there for my clients to vent to. It’s so much more than just hair in this career.”

Amy Bonnett – At Amy’s Chair

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