Woodstock Site

Woodstock veteran Arlo Guthrie plays a song at the original site of the 1969 Woodstock Music and Arts Fair in Bethel, New York, Thursday.

Groovy: Woodstock fans flock to concert site for anniversary

BETHEL, N.Y. | Woodstock fans are expected to get back to the garden to mark the 50th anniversary of the generation-defining festival.

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is hosting a series of events Thursday through Sunday at the bucolic 1969 concert site, 80 miles northwest of New York City.

Woodstock veteran Arlo Guthrie was set to perform Thursday evening before an outdoor screening of the concert documentary on the famous field.

There won’t be overcrowding and chaos this time. Visitors need event tickets and travel passes to drive to the site through the weekend.

Metallica donates to Romanian pediatric cancer hospital

BUCHAREST, Romania | Metallica says it has donated $277,600 to support the construction of Romania’s first pediatric oncology hospital.

The American heavy metal band, which is very popular in Romania, made the donation ahead of their sold-out show Wednesday in Romania’s National Arena, according to the band’s All Within My Hands nonprofit foundation.

The funds went to the Daruieste Viata (Bestow Life) association, which is working to modernize Romania’s medical infrastructure, increase its cancer survival rate and build the country’s first Pediatric Oncology and Radiotherapy Hospital.

R. Kelly judge to proceed to trial despite new cases

CHICAGO | An Illinois judge overseeing singer R. Kelly’s sexual-abuse case says he’ll proceed toward a trial despite three new cases being brought against Kelly.

Cook County Judge Lawrence Flood noted Thursday at a status hearing that a federal case in Chicago, one in New York and a Minnesota case have all been brought since July. Kelly has denied any wrongdoing.

Flood asked attorneys if there’s agreement about which of the four cases should proceed first. When a prosecutor said that hadn’t been decided, Flood said he’d proceed for now as if no other cases existed.

Melanie recalls ‘out of body experience’

at Woodstock

NEW YORK | Melanie, known as the First Lady of Woodstock, remembers having a supernatural experience as she walked on the rainy stage in 1969 to perform at one of the most iconic events of all-time, though iconic isn’t how anyone would have described the day back then.

“I had an out-of-body experience and I wasn’t altered by drugs,” she recalled.

She was just 22 when she performed at the historic concert that also included Jimi Hendrix, the Grateful Dead and Joan Baez. Melanie had been waiting for hours and hours to perform, sitting on the side of the stage as she watched Richie Havens and others complete their sets.