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Although it has been able to close shelters in St. Joseph and Troy, Kansas, the Northwest Missouri Chapter of the American Red Cross continues to offer a spot for those displaced by flooding in Mound City, Missouri.

Diane Fodness, disaster relief district one manager, said it’s too early to assess the total damage done by area flooding. More than 40 volunteers are still assisting in Red Cross relief efforts, and volunteers and donations still are needed.

“I feel there’s a lot of devastation out there that we’re not fully aware of yet because the areas are inaccessible due to the water,” Fodness said. “I think we’ll be surprised at truly the number of homes that were affected.”

Experts warn that there’s plenty of snow still left to melt in the northern states, so a flood risk still exists. So far the damage is estimated at $3 billion in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri combined.

Fodness said there are a number of options for people wanting to help with flood relief assistance.

“One of the best ways to help is monetary donation that allows agencies to provide the assistance that works best for the people affected by the floods,” she said.

Donations of water also are needed, Fodness said.

Those wishing to help with Red Cross flood relief efforts are asked to visit the Red Cross.org website or call the agency at 816-232-8439.

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