As the Missouri River continued to fall throughout the weekend, those who had to leave their homes and businesses during evacuations were able to return.

On Sunday morning, those who had fled across the Pony Express Bridge and West to Troy were able to return to their homes. Residents of Elwood, Kansas, were given the go-ahead from city officials to move back in starting at 9 a.m. after having to evacuate on Thursday night.

“The governing body understands how stressful and emotional this inconvenience has been on our citizens,” the City of Elwood said in a public announcement. “We all would like to give our thanks to you, our citizens, for heeding our warnings and evacuation orders. Without your cooperation, this flood crisis could have been a lot less manageable. Remember every decision was made with the best interest of safety for your life and property.”

The City of Wathena, Kansas, also allowed residents back on Sunday morning after evacuating on Thursday.

“Please continue to be patient; we know these are troubling times, but I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel,” the City of Wathena said in a public announcement. “There is still a long flood season in front of us, so let's keep engaged and in the fight.”

Throughout Sunday, moving vans and pickup trucks full of belongings could be seen throughout the area as homes were once again occupied. One citizen, Zackery Solomon, said he was glad to return home, but is fearful the homecoming will be short-lived.

“It’s still a little stressful, knowing that we still have the rest of the year to worry about, and not all the snowpack is melted up north,” Solomon said. "It might happen to us a couple more times but, you just have to hope and pray.”

The American Red Cross announced Sunday afternoon that the shelters that had been opened for those fleeing from Kansas and the South End of St. Joseph would be closing, now that there was no longer a need to fill. The shelter in Mound City would remain open to serve the citizens of Holt and Atchison County.

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