Figure skaters from the St. Joseph area won 14 medals – including eight gold medals – at the Wichita Mid-Continent Classic.

The competition was held Aug. 10 and 11 at the Wichita Ice Center in Wichita, Kansas. Competitors represented figure skating clubs in Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

The St. Joseph Figure Skating Club sent seven competitors to the event.

Individuals results:

Victoria Gustafson: Fourth in intermediate freeskate and intermediate short program.

Gabrielle Hudgins: Second in pre-juvenile freeskate.

Patricia Plum: First in preliminary solo pattern dance (rhythm and blues), first in pre-juvenile light entertainment, first in preliminary solo pattern dance (canasta tango), first in pre-juvenile dramatic entertainment, first in excel juvenile freeskate and second in open juvenile spins.

Sophie Kozol: First in preliminary compulsory moves, first in preliminary light entertainment and third in preliminary freeskate.

Jacqueline Hedden: Second in preliminary light entertainment, fourth in preliminary compulsory moves and seventh in pre-preliminary freeskate.

Isabella Plum: First in intermediate moves in the field, third in pre-preliminary dramatic entertainment, fifth in excel pre-preliminary freeskate and sixth in pre-preliminary spins.

Abigail Brazil: Third in pre-preliminary spins, fourth in no-test freeskate, fifth in pre-preliminary compulsory moves and fifth in pre-preliminary jumps.

Klaranda Behrens, a coach for several St. Joseph skaters, took first in masters dramatic entertainment and three gold dance events.