Missouri Senate

Josh Hawley


Missouri attorney general

Elected state attorney general in 2016, Hawley is an enthusiastic supporter of President Donald Trump’s agenda and echoes a similar message on tax cuts, border security and the Second Amendment.

Claire McCaskill


Incumbent U.S. senator

McCaskill, seeking a third term in the U.S. Senate, said she has worked with both parties and held more than 50 town halls in Missouri. She has made insurance protections for pre-existing conditions a focal point of her campaign.

Japheth Campbell


Minister and IT entrepreneur

Campbell supports limited government, a balanced budget, more taxpayer involvement in how federal funds are allocated and industrial hemp production.

Jo Crain

Former Sprint employee

Green party

Crain is closely tied to the Occupy and Black Lives Matter movements. She is campaigning for immigrant rights, student loan debt reform and better access to food and housing for working families.

Craig O’Dear


An attorney, he also has an engineering degree

He seeks to address an imbalance of prosperity between urban and rural areas. He supports international trade, a focus on mental health and a discussion on gun violence.

Missouri, U.S. House, District 6

Sam Graves


U.S. Representative

Since going to Congress in 2001, Graves has been a dependable conservative vote on issues regarding military funding, tax cuts, regulation reduction, border security and Second Amendment protection.

Henry Robert Martin


Former teacher, coach

Martin advocates for issues including criminal justice reform, infrastructure improvements, a “living wage” for workers, elimination of the Electoral College and protection of reproductive rights.

Dan Hogan


Railroad technician

An Army veteran, Hogan’s issues include an increase of personal freedom, shrinkage of foreign aid, repeal of the Patriot Act, curtailment of the war on drugs and strict separation of government and religion.

State Senate, District 34

Tony Luetkemeyer


Private attorney

Luetkemeyer believes the top issues in his campaign revolve around strengthening the economy, fighting for kids and reforming government ethics. Although a first-time candidate, Luetkemeyer has plenty of political ties, including his wife, who was a general counsel for former Gov. Eric Greitens, and a cousin who is a U.S. Congressman.

Martin T. Rucker II


Project manager for Kissick Construction

Rucker said the top issues he is running on include funding public education, being sure working families have a living wage and ensuring health care is affordable. Rucker, a former football star, has never held public office but previously ran an unsuccessful bid for state representative.

State Representative, District 9

Bob Bergland


Journalism professor, Missouri Western State University

Bergland said he believes in working with both sides of the aisle in Jefferson City, saying he is not motivated by campaign donors or a secret political agenda. Bergland is a first-time candidate and he said one of his biggest strengths is being native to the area and understanding the needs of his constituents.

Sheila Solon


Former member of the Missouri House of Representatives from the area of Blue Springs, Missouri

Solon said she believes in limiting government, allowing small businesses and farmers to prosper in the area. Since farming is so important in the area, Solon also believes farmers should get help from the government, touting her experience as a key to hitting the ground running if elected.

State Representative, District 10

Bill Falkner


Plumber, consultant

Falkner plans to use his experience and knowledge of local and state issues, particularly with federal mandates and issues that impact workforce development and small businesses. He also wants to protect the 139th Airlift Wing at Rosecrans Air National Guard by expanding it.

Shane R. Thompson


Works at Ag Processing

Thompson wants to bring back town halls and stop attacks on working-class families. He believes there is a strong disconnect between Jefferson City and St. Joseph and says his negotiating skills as a leader with the Teamsters Local 955 will benefit the 10th District.

State Representative, District 11

Brady O’Dell


Laser operator at Altec, Inc.

O’Dell is a St. Joseph native whose slogan for the current election is “Not for Sale,” indicative of his desire to remove money’s influence from politics. He doesn’t take political action committee money for special interests and instead is relying on smaller donations to fund his campaign. O’Dell hopes to stand up for working families, who he says are under constant attack by politicians in Jefferson City, as well as teachers to help them make a more livable wage. He also hopes to fight against tax cuts for corporate special interests as well as government overreach.

Brenda Shields


Previous CEO of United Way and teacher at Benton High School and Truman Middle School

Shields moved to St. Joseph 34 years ago and has been active in various organizations throughout the community. She said there are three areas she would like to bring attention to should she be elected: crime, job development and education. Shields explains that crime is a multifaceted problem that requires giving attention to the drug problem and joblessness. On that note, she hopes to encourage good education programs to fill jobs in the community as well as help teachers to grow into their profession.

Buchanan County Presiding Commissioner

Jason Guthery


Teacher at Lafayette High School

Guthery cites his experience leading the classroom and inspiring his students by doing things himself as skills and knowledge he would bring to Buchanan County on day one. Important issues to address in the community according to Guthery are crime, opioids and the creation of youth programs.

Lee Sawyer


Retired from the News-Press & Gazette Company as newspaper division chief operating officer; he remains a consultant for the company

Sawyer worked in business for 30 years, and he cites his leadership experience as a prerequisite allowing him to have success managing Buchanan County on day one. Important issues to address in the community according to Sawyer are crime and jobs.

Circuit Court Judge, Division 1

A. David Peppard


Attorney at Peppard Law Office

Peppard believes his 26 years practicing family and civil law make him a better fit for the Division 1 courtroom than his opponent. He said he believes in being impartial as a judge, and he has not taken any money from attorneys during the campaign in order to stay impartial during future trials.

Kate Schaefer


Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Buchanan County

Schaefer believes her 15 years in the prosecutor’s office and jury trial experience make her the better candidate due to the fact that she is in the court trying cases every day. She said her litigation skills will make it possible to expand the kind of cases seen in the Division 1 courtroom.

Buchanan County Circuit Clerk

Angela Russell


Senior municipal court clerk

Russell has worked in the clerk’s office of the municipal division for 16 years and said the skills she has learned there have made her ready for the next level. She said she has knowledge of the court system and has worked with judges, attorneys and court staff to make her current office run smoother.

Ashley Thrasher


Talent specialist in Mosaic Life Care’s HR department

Thrasher believes her 20 years of business experience, including work in marketing, human resources and management, make her capable of managing the clerk staff of the courthouse. She said she will make the office more efficient by eliminating waste and training staff on new technologies.

Buchanan County Collector

Peggy Campbell


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{div}Has served as Buchanan County collector since 2007 and worked in the office since 1983{/div}

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{div}Campbell said that her experience in the county collector’s office can’t be matched. Among other changes, she has designed a monthly payment plan and implemented online payments. She highlights her approachability as a public servant and said she’s always open to changes to improve the collector’s office. {/div}

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{div}Brett Halsey{/div}

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{div}Has owned ServPro of St. Joseph for 15 years {/div}

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{div}Halsey said the customer service in the collector’s office needs improved, and, as a business owner, he is capable of making those changes. If elected, Halsey said he would be out in the community often, because the collector’s office needs someone who communicates with the public.{/div}

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{div}Buchanan County Recorder of Deeds{/div}

{div}Becky Dunlap


Former member of the Missouri State Highway Patrol

Dunlap is a newcomer to politics but believes that her experience working with the license bureau and highway patrol will make her a good fit for the Recorder of Deeds position. Dunlap said she is great with paperwork and managing changes in the law, and that her history of working with the public will help her excel.

Ed Wildberger


Current recorder of deeds and former member of the Missouri House of Representatives

Wildberger believes that experience as the recorder of deeds can’t be beat. He has been the recorder of deeds for the past nine years and has worked to bring the office into the modern era. Wildberger said he hopes to continue his work of digitizing Buchanan County’s records for online use.{/div}