The St. Joseph Parks, Recreation & Civic Facilities Department is searching for more food and drink vendors to sell products at seven public viewing sites for the total solar eclipse Aug. 21.

Julie Noel, the special events and communication coordinator for the parks department, said that vendors will be assigned to seven eclipse locations including Hyde Park, Bartlett Park, Krug Park, Heritage Park, Downtown Riverfront Park, the Northeast Park near the North YMCA, and the Remington Nature Center.

Noel added that some of the viewing sites have restaurants within a reasonable walking distance, but others are more remote, so having food and beverage options on-site would be a huge benefit to visitors looking for a quick meal.

“People probably aren’t going to want to get in their car and leave their parking space to go find food the day of the eclipse because they’ll be afraid that they won’t be able to get it back,” Noel said. “There is a great opportunity here for food trucks, trailers and local businesses. Also, volunteer groups like the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and church groups could sell bottled beverages as a fundraiser.”

Interested parties are required to have a license and a permit through the city in order to be a vendor, and can contact Kim Hurt at 816-271-4757 to learn more.

“They’ll need to make sure that they have the necessary things in place to meet all the health codes and the city codes,” Noel said. “If you call the permitting department, they’re such nice people to work with, and they’ll do their best to help people through the process, especially if they’ve never done it before.”

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