Homeowners rely heavily on electricity to power their homes and their lives. Coal, nuclear power and water energy help to generate this electricity. Without electricity, lights wouldn’t work, digital devices wouldn’t charge and cities would come grinding to a halt. This is experienced on a local level when power outages occur.

Homeowners may need to diversify some of the resources they have at home to be able to make it through an electrical power outage successfully. Investing in solar power panels can be one way to generate electricity even when power has been disrupted.

In addition, pellet stoves or woodburning stoves can serve as alternative heat sources as well as cooking surfaces if traditional forced air systems are rendered useless during an electrical outage.

Homes equipped with a coal-fired smoker can complement gas-powered grills for outdoor cooking as well for those who have electric ranges and ovens.

Solar-powered device chargers can provide power to phones or tablets during electrical outages.

Having a few different options on hand can help people make it through power outages unscathed.