transit routes

This map illustrates changes in Transit routes due to reduced ridership. Tan (15), purple (14) and blue (13) indicate areas that will not change. Salmon, green, beige, yellow and pink shaded areas indicate portions of the city previously served by fixed route which now requires a deviation.

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As a result of resident compliance with the COVID-19 State of Emergency Declaration requiring residents to shelter in place, transit system ridership is down and route changes are being made.

In order to adapt to this reduction in service need and to safeguard transit employees from unnecessary contact to the extent possible while still preserving transportation access and the mobility needs of the public, the City of St. Joseph has deemed it necessary to change portions of the St. Joseph Transit service.

Effective Friday, March 27, St. Joseph Transit will make the following change: Customers who previously rode buses 11, 12, 16, 17 and 18 will now be required to call 816-233-6700 for a deviation (curbside pickup). There will be no fixed routes in these areas. Hours of service will remain the same, however pickup times could be adjusted within that hour.

Routes 13, 14 and 15 will remain fixed routes with deviation as riders use them on a daily basis.

These buses provide hourly service to Mosaic, Hy-Vee and each Walmart as well as most medical office complexes.

The extra route deviation charge will be waived within the designated zones for the duration of the emergency.