Care care matters during COVID-19

Keeping your car clean may prevent the spread of COVID.

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When it comes to preventing the spread of the coronavirus, a place that may get overlooked is around and inside your vehicle.

It is recommended that people wash their hands every time before entering a car. This will keep the vehicle cleaner and limit the chance for germs to enter the area.

“Any place that you touch frequently should be disinfected often,” said Chris Roberts, owner of Clean Image Auto Detailing. “Those include your steering wheel, stereo, console, gear shifters, window panels.”

Also wipe down door handles, any knobs and seat belts, he said.

“We spend a lot of time cleaning those places,” Roberts said. “Simple household products work great on your car.”

He recommends Dawn dish soap for breaking down sitting bacteria, as it can also be used on leather without drying out the material.

“The final touch would be like isopropyl alcohol and mix with water in a spray bottle,” Roberts said. “You can put that almost anywhere.”

The Centers for Disease Control recommends to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using cleaning products on your car.

Roberts said his business has slowed down during the past few months with more people staying home.

“We should be in our busiest season right now,” he said. “I expect it to pick back up once everything reopens.”

On the other hand, business has been good for Ty Clark, owner of Auto Pride Car Wash.

“It’s been steady, just about how it usually has, with COVID-19,” Clark said. “People can still wash and vacuum without being right up against each other.”

Some customers are taking an extra step and wearing masks or gloves despite having 6 feet between them and another person.

“If you don’t have the time to clean your car or want a touchless clean, the automatic bays are a great option,” Clark said.

While restrictions may be lightened on where you can travel, little safety precautions can go a long way.

When riding with someone outside of your family or carpooling, it is encouraged to wear a face mask. Also, keeping an extra unused mask in your car can be handy when going through drive-thru or curbside pick-up.

Finally, when entering your car after pumping gas, use a disinfectant wipe and wipe off your key fob when you are exiting the vehicle.